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Advoguard Epoxy Finish Polyamide - Polyamide cured Epoxy coating resistant to chemicals, abrasion, impact, sea water, oil, splashes of petrol, lubricating oil.
Recommended Use

  • As a Finishing coat for protection of steel and concrete in severely corrosive and marine environment. An excellent offshore platform coating.
Advoguard Coat Tar Epoxy - Excellent resistance to alkaline attack. Combines water impermeability of coal tar with toughness & water resistance of epoxy resins.
Recommended Use

  • For underwater hull, cargo holds, ballast tanks, submerged and non-submerged areas of marine structures, crude oil tanks, sewage systems etc.

Advoguard Epoxy Polyamine Coating - Excellent Resistance to petrol, vegetable & animal oils, solvents & chemicals.

Advoguard Solventless Epoxy Phenolic Coating - High Solids, High Build Coating. Can be applied at DFT of 300µ per coat. Near Zero VOC. Hence, User Friendly and ideal for application in confined areas. Especially suited for Tanks for crude oil, petrol, diesel, aviation fuel and other cargo.

Advoguard Modified Epoxy Coating - Very low water permeability. Free from heavy metals. Hence ideal for DM Water storage tanks.

Advothane PU Top Coats - Quick drying with excellent gloss & colour retention to UV. Resistant to gasoline, petroleum and oils. Ideal coating for exteriors.
Recommended Use

  • As a finishing coat for protection of structural steel in severely corrosive atmospheric environments.

Advochlor Finish Paints - CR based Finish Paint. Optimum gloss. Resistant to acids & alkalis; wear and impact.
Recommended Use

  • As finish paint in CR systems. Ideal for pipelines, structural steel in Refineries, Thermal Power plants, Fertilizer plants, Dock installations.

Advolite Alkyd Enamels - Quick Drying Synthetic Enamels - high gloss and tough flexible coat, For use on steel and wood surfaces in mildly corrosive environments.

Advotherm HR Aluminium

  • 2-pack: up to 250°C Aluminium Paint with good light reflectance and corrosion resistance.
  • 1-pack: up to 250°C Resists up to 250°C.
  • 2-pack up to 400°C Silicone based High Heat Resistant Aluminium Paint.
  • 2-pack up to 600°C
Recommended Use
  • For chimneys, stacks, pipelines and cargo hold.