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Galozinc - Two-pack moisture curing Inorganic Zinc Silicate coating. Protects metal surfaces electrochemically in corrosive atmosphere. Dry heat resistance up to 400°C.
Recommended Use

  • As a general purpose, heavy-duty, rust-preventive primer.
  • As a single, complete coating for long term protection of steel exposed to moderate/severe corrosive atmosphere.
  • As a tank lining primer.

Galozinc 1130 - Two-pack Ethyl Silicate based pre-fabrication primer.

Recommended Use
  • Excellent anti-corrosive properties even at low DFT. Excellent cutting and welding properties. Free from organic compounds, hence no emission of carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide etc which impair the weld strength.

Advoguard 1130 - Two-pack Epoxy based pre-fabrication primer.

Recommended Use
  • Very good anti-corrosive properties even at low DFT. Has excellent cutting and welding properties. Has very low emission of oxides and gases.

Advoguard Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primers - Two-pack anti-corrosive Primers containing Zinc Phosphate.Compatible with various Epoxy and PU Top coats.

Recommended Use
  • For steel structures exposed to marine, highly corrosive environment.

Advoguard Epoxy Zinc Rich Primers - Two-pack anti-corrosive Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer

Recommended Use
  • Heavy-duty primer for long term Cathodic protection of steel exposed to moderate/severe corrosive environment.

Advamastic Surface Tolerant Epoxy - Self-priming High Solids Polyamine cured epoxy paint * Excellent wetting properties * Flexible coating * Excellent Abrasion and Impact resistance * Good resistance to sea water, mineral oils, petrol, jet fuel, lubricating oils, acids and chemicals.
Recommended Use

  • As repair & maintenance coating for steel structures where the high performance of an epoxy coating is required but the usual high demands of surface preparation are not feasible.

Advochlor Primers - Chlorinated Rubber and Zinc Phosphate based primer. Very good anti-corrosive properties and water resistance.
Recommended Use

  • As a Rust-inhibiting primer in Chlorinated Rubber systems on structural steel exposed to moderate to aggressive marine and industrial environment.

Advolite Primers - A range of primers consisting of standard Red Oxide Primers to superior Synthetic Zinc Phosphate/ Zinc Chromate/ MIO primers.