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1 Advashield Bandorust HB Rust Stabilising Coating for areas where appropriate surface preparation / blast cleaning is not feasible. For long term protection against Corrosion, Abrasion & Impact on old rusted structures, old Bridges.
2 Advashield Nieblast (DTM) Eliminates the need for surface preparation by Sand/Grit Blasting. Its high adhesion properties make it eminently suitable for application on Stainless Steel and Non-ferrous surfaces.
3 Advashield Cold Galvanizing Coating (Galozinc 1190) Inorganic Ethyl Silicate Zinc Rich coating which provides Cathodic protection. Has 90% Zinc content in dry film. Self-heals if the coating is damaged. Recommended for ISO 12944 C5l and C5M conditions.
4 Advashield Rhinotuff Very tough coating – resistant to high abrasion, impact and corrosion.
5 Advashield Tykote (STC) Enhances adhesion to enable upgradation to Epoxy-PU Coating System for surfaces previously coated with conventional Alkyd System.
6 Advashield Metallic PU High Build Metallic Coating reinforced with specialised anti-corrosive ingredients. For protection against Corrosion, Abrasion & Impact on old rusted structures, under frame of coaches, old Bridges.
7 Advashield SR Putty (Steel Reinforcing Putty) To fill pits, cracks and seal well bound scales on old rusted structures, under frame of coaches, old Bridges. Applied prior to fastening bolts in ships, steel structures, foundations.
8 Advashield HB Concrete Coating Special anti-carbonation coating. Very low water permeability, high resistance to corrosive chemicals and saline atmosphere, and excellent abrasion resistance. Designed to give long-life to RCC structures.
9 Advashield Rebar Coating Low water-permeability, strong resistance to alkalis, chemicals, and saline atmosphere. Promotes adhesion between steel bars and concrete. Designed to give long-life to new as well as rusted Mild Steel Rebars.
10 Advashield Anti- Corrosive Coating High Build coating reinforced with special anti-corrosive pigments for protection of new and old rusted structures in severe corrosive conditions.
11 Advalux 3360 HB High Performance Acrylic PU Finish Excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents, impact and abrasion. Non-yellowing, with superb gloss & colour retention. Designed for use on off-shore structures, chemical & petrochemical plants, bridges, exterior of oil storage tanks for long term durability.
12 Advashield 3360 HB PDE Ultra – Premium Epoxy Top cum Intermediate Coat for Heavy Duty Performance in highly corrosive and marine conditions classified as ISO 12944 C5M.
13 Advashield Anti-Graffiti Coatings The top coat itself incorporates Anti-Graffiti properties & hence eliminates need for an extra coat.
14 Advashield Shorban Sound Insulating Coating Besides dampening sound, it incorporates Intumescent Fire Retardant properties.
15 Advashield Under Water Coating Designed for application under water of rigs, piles, jetties, and other underwater structures. It is a High Build coat, permitting application of 300-500µ in a single coat.
16 Advashield Fluoro PU Coating Top-of-the-range PU coating based on latest Fluoro Technology. High Bond strength of Carbon-Fluoro C-F makes it the ultimate coating for steel structures for long term durability in highly aggressive environment.
17 Advashield Intumescent Coating Water based, eco-friendly fire retardant coating.