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It is a polyurethane oil based wood filler to fill up the pores of the veneer, wood or wooden substrates to get the excellent close pore finish. Natural and various timber tone colours are available. Suitable under NC, AC, PU and WB system.

  • Slow drying property of this filler will allow rub it thoroughly on the surface to get excellent closed pore finish.
  • Available in various timber tone colours to stain and fill in one operation.
  • Suitable under NC, AC, PU and WB system.
  • One can achieve excellent and smooth finish by filling the pores of the wood grain.

Dye Stains give clean transparent and bright colour tones.
Pigment stains give opaque to semi-transparent colour tones to the substrate.
These stains can be applied by mull cotton or by conventional stray. They can also be mixed with AC, PU lacquers. Concentration can be reduced by adding suitable Thinner.
Stain produced by dissolving dyes in special solvents and binder to give excellent colour tones to wood, wooden substrates and veneers.

  • Colours are clean, transparent and bright in tone.
  • Easy to apply by mull cotton or by conventional spray.
  • It can be directly mixed in small percentage with PU, AC and NC top coats to tone them with required colour and concentration.
  • PU, AC and NC Thinners can be added to reduce concentration.
  • Beauty of wood will be enhanced as the transparent dyes make wood grain structure look more vibrant.
  • Readily available in 12 colours.

* Note : We can develop tailor made colours for bulk consumers.

Designed for premium furniture manufactures Feelwood AC (Melamine) is an acid cured 2K system imparting hard resistant film with good application and relatively long pot life.
Product List:

  • Feelwood 2K AC Sealer.
  • Feelwood 2K AC Topcoat Matt.
  • Feelwood 2K AC Topcoat Glossy.
  • Feelwood AC Thinner.
  • Less Yellowing.
  • High solid lacquer to give good filling properties.
  • Feelwood AC sealer is fast drying having good sanding properties.
  • Feelwood AC Topcoat is available in Matt and Glossy.
  • Excellent soft feel film. Better resistance to cracking and checking.
  • Based on low free formaldehyde raw materials, Feelwood AC system reduces the amount of formaldehyde released in the work place.
  • Good resistance to Water, Coffee / Tea stains, Alcohol etc.

The Feelwood 2K Interior Polyurethane system is designed to preserve the natural look and beauty of wood and impart long lasting durability in Interiors. The system gives superior quality film by improving the physical and chemical properties of the coating.
Product List:

  • Feelwood 2K Interior PU Sealer.
  • Feelwood 2K Interior PU Topcoat Matt.
  • Feelwood 2K Interior PU Topcoat Glossy.
  • Feel PU Thinner Interior PU.
  • Feelwood 2K PU Sealer has high solid content that fills the surface well and ease in sanding to get smooth finish.
  • Topcoats give smooth, but hard film.
  • Topcoats Matt and Glossy can intermixed to get the required gloss levels.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Better resistance to Water, Coffee / Tea stains, Alcohol and chemicals.
  • Highly durable coating.

The Feelwood Exterior 2K Polyurethane products designed to preserve the beauty of wood as well as to enhance the resistance to heat, water, domestic spills, stains and chemicals.
Product List:

  • Feelwood 2K Exterior PU Sealer.
  • Feelwood 2K Exterior PU Topcoat Matt.
  • Feelwood 2K Exterior PU Topcoat Glossy.
  • Feel PU Thinner for exterior PU.
  • Very less yellowing.
  • Superb UV protection.
  • Excellent retention of gloss under severe climatic conditions.
  • Highly Flexible film can withstand expansion and contraction of wood due to changes in whether condition.
  • Excellent resistance and long lasting durability to the wood to retain its natural look and beauty.

This is one pack, eco-friendly, Water Borne Polyurethane Lacquer formulated to impart a tough durable coating for the protection and beautification of wood and wooden substrates.
Its self-leveling property enables a smooth finish even by brush application and roller application (can also be sprayed). Its tough flexible property and ease of in-situ renovation makes it most suitable for wooden floors, sports areas and other wooden substrates.
It is non-hazardous, odourless, suitable for in-situ application and easy renovation properties makes it an ideal coating for Hotel projects, Hospitals, Children furniture, etc.
Its low VOC content makes it most suitable for Green Building Projects.

  • It is environment and user friendly product.
  • One product acts as Sealer and Topcoat.
  • Flexible property of film makes it most useful on floor and other furniture.
  • Self leveling property helps to get smooth finish even by brush application and roller application. It can be sprayed too.
  • Dries fast and has got good abrasion resistance.
  • Once dried the coating has resistance to water, coffee / tea stains and mild chemicals.
  • Suitable for renovation finishing and in situ application.

The Feelwood PU Pigmented & Metallic Lacquers are specially designed for the discerning architects, interior decorators and consumers for kitchen and vanity areas and whenever a special effect is required. It is available in White, Black and Metallic Silver shades. Any other shades can be customised for bulk quantity requirements.